Arabian Nights

Been a while since my last post, sorry ’bout that-

When you think of a desert, what do you see?

Massive sand dunes?

Or maybe the type of desert with a cracked ground or with cacti?

Or maybe you’re thinking of the food, dessert. With more than one “S”.

Yum. Too bad that’s not the type of dessert I’m talking about. Sorry, pal.

We went to the Abu Dhabi desert. To a hotel. In the middle of nowhere. Told ya there was a method to my madness. Wanna know what we did in the middle of nowhere? It actually wasn’t that boring. You’ll be surprised how many things there are to do in the desert.


(view from the car)

Things to do in the desert:

1. Dune Bashing

Like a roller coaster, without the safety. It’s going over the sand dunes in a four wheeler, and it’s epic.

2. Camel Riding

Camels are a sign of the desert. Don’t tell me that you don’t relate camels to desert. That’s not possible.

3. Whatever this is:

It’s like dune bashing, except for smaller dunes, with a motorcycle type thing, that’s also a four wheeler. Only 18 yrs. and older to be allowed to ride it, but they let me ride it with Mom. Bummer, I wish I could’ve gone on it alone.

Nothing else really, so I guess there actually wasn’t that much stuff to do. Things change when put into words.

Maybe I should describe the desert more. At night is the best time to- do whatever you’re going to do in the desert. There were dunes behind our hotel, and they had these board-type things, like mini surfboards, for surfing, but over sand.

It didn’t work so well.

We ended up meditating instead.

Well, I did. I don’t know about everyone else. Meditating, or the feeling you get while dong it, is one of the best feelings there is, in my opinion. You should try it, if you haven’t already. It’s amazing. You lose yourself. You’re here, and somewhere in the back of your mind you know you’re there, but at the same time you’re nowhere at all. You can think, or you can sit there and listen to whatever there is to listen to. The wind, the gentle breath of God on your face, the swirl of leaves, the spirits of what was once alive, dancing for joy, or maybe loud chatter, the ground and the sky arguing over who is bigger.

You need to try meditating, one time or another.

I’ll say bye for now, and hope that this isn’t the last post. I leave tomorrow.  🙂  🙁

Before I log out, think about this.

Who is bigger, the sky or the earth?

Think about it. There are different points of view. Maybe leave a comment on the desert, or the question, if you want.

See ya.


Before the full moon rises and penetrates the evil of night, the spirits will breath in the life of another, a star will be no more, and nothing will be the same.

Bye! 😉







One thought on “Arabian Nights

  1. Eloy Paris

    Fantastic blog post Ela! Looks like you enjoyed the desert (without the extra ‘s’).

    I think the sky is bigger than the Earth because sky envolves Earth.

    Nice poem/writing at the end of the post (“full moon rises …”, etc.). Have you thought about writing a fiction book using that type of language? I think it would be a hit/bestseller. I know I would buy it!

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