day #i dunno

Okay, I seriously need to come up with better names for my posts.

So, what did I do today? Oh, not much. This is what I did:

  • I chased a bank robber for 8 miles and finally caught him. The bank owner was so happy with me that he gave me 1/3 of what the robber stole.
  • I accidentally fell down a sewer and had a great adventure involving a talking fish, a smiling cat, a mad hatter, and a talking rabbit.
  • Met the princess and dined with her, plus afterwords she declared her undying loyalty to me.
  • Hid in the closet of the most evil known villain, and listened in on his greatest fears. Ha! Not so tough now, are you, villain?
  • Then I finally settled down to a friendly sword fight with Zorro.

Okay okay, I didn’t actually do all of that stuff, but even if I hadn’t confessed, you wouldn’t have believed me, would you? Anyway, here’s what i actually did today.

  • We went to the Marina Mall, just a big mall really. I think I already said this, but Abu Dhabi really isn’t that different from the US.
  • Ate an awesome strawberry smoothie for lunch.
  • Played in an arcade for an hour.
  • Swam in the pool.

Sounds boring when I put it that way, doesn’t it? Maybe I should sort of alter what this blog is about. Say I tell you more about the culture of Abu Dhabi huh? How does that sound? I’ll try one post that tells you more about Abu Dhabi itself. I’ll write it now.

3 thoughts on “day #i dunno

  1. Eloy Paris

    It actually sounds very exciting; not boring at all! I wish I could have joined you, little bro, and Mom for all that but I was stuck at work! (Very exciting work, though!)

    I doubt you met the pricess because *you* are the princess. So how can you have dinner with, and declare undying loyalty to, yourself?

    What is the name of the most evil known villain and what are his worst fears?

    The friendly sword fight with Zorro sounds nice. Now you should have a not-so-friendly sword fight with Comandante Monastarios and Sargent GarcĂ­a!

    Look forward to the next blog post (with pictures!).

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