FIFA update!

So, the FIFA world cup? How’s it been going with that? Pretty good, actually.

We’ve gotten to the second round. Want to know who’s gotten eliminated so far?

If you remember the earlier post, there were 32 teams in the first round. Only half made it to the second round, so there are 16 teams that made it. Here are some stats about each team:

  • Brazil


times won world cup: 5!                                                                                                                 star player: This is just my opinion, also based on other people’s opinions: Neymar, #10

  • Chile


times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                     Chile is now out of the world cup. GO HOME CHILE!

  • Columbia


times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                          Columbia won against Uruguay 2-0 in the second round, (the round this post is about) so Uruguay, the next team, is also OUT of the world cup. Columbia will play against Brazil, and the winner of that match will play against the winner of another match, the semifinals, and if they win that match, they will have a shot at second or first place.

  • Uruguay

times won world cup: 2! They won the first ever world cup in 1930 against Argentina, and the second time they won against Brazil.                                                                                             Sorry Uruguay, looks like you won’t get another chance to win the world cup. Get OUT!

  • France

times won world cup: 1                                                                                                                          I don’t care what anyone says, France is awesome.

  • Nigeria


times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                        Right now, I mean right NOW, I’m watching the match France against Nigeria. Hopefully, before I finish this post, the game will have ended. I’ll let you know who won, (hopefully France. GO FRANCE!) but right now it’s zero- zero.

  • Germany

times won world cup: 3, good job Germany!                                                                                              They haven’t yet played in their match against Algeria, which will determine if they stay or not. (well duh, all the matches in the second round determine that)

  • Algeria

times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                           Aaaawww…poor Algeria, never won a world cup, have you? At least you still have a small chance of winning this time. A very very very small chance, considering how many times Germany has won. Still, a chance.

Wait! Before I continue-

France won! 2-0, Nigeria is out of the world cup. I know, I should be saying that with a little more enthusiasm, but it was kind of a pathetic win. France scored one shot while the goalie was far from the goal, and the other shot they scored after the goalie tripped and fell. So, “legally” they won, but it feels like they aren’t worthy of winning. anyway-

  • Netherlands

times won world cup: 0, never. 🙁                                                                                                   They won against Mexico 2-0.

  • Mexico

times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                                                          If you go to my school, and were in the 5th grade this year, then you know the story of this flag. It’s pretty cool. I think. I don’t really remember, I’m pretty sure I was absent that day.                                                     Totally.                                                                                                                                           If you don’t go to my school, or were not in the fifth grade this year, then I recommend you go on Wikipedia for the story of this flag, I’m totally and utterly useless in that area. Anyway, back to soccer. Mexico is OUT of the world cup. GO HOME!

  • Costa Rica

times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                           And Costa Rica is…..STAYING!! (in the world cup)…..(for now)

  • Greece

times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                           Ah, man, finally a familiar name! Greece! (not that Costa Rica, Brazil, and France aren’t familiar) But seriously, you gotta love Greece. I mean, Rick Riordan has done a lot to help kids learn about Greece. The whole Percy Jackson series? AWESOME! EPIC! AMAZING! There’s a new book from the series coming out this fall, and I am dying to read it! Rick writes one book for this series every year, (I’m just saying that it takes him a year to write every book) and this one just *might* be the last one. I hope not. For his sake.

Ahem. Aaaannnnyyyywwaaayyyy……back to a subject not involving murder and death threats..

Back to Greece. As in, soccer.

Sadly for Greece, they won’t be winning the world cup. Not this year. They lost to Costa Rica.

  • Argentina

times won world cup: 2                                                                                                                                Argentina has yet to play in a match against Switzerland for the first stage of the second round. I’ll be rooting for them in that game.

  • Switzerland

times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                           Yet to play, going against Argentina, ect.

  • Belgium

times won world cup: 0                                                                                                                                 They’ll play in a match against the USA.

  • United States of America

times won world cup: 0   🙁                                                                                                             The US made it pretty far, they aren’t really known for there…uh..soccerness….yeah, kinda awkward there…Anyway, they’re pretty close this year! Let’s hope! (still going for Brazil though)

So, those are all the teams that made it to the second round, and some already got eliminated. Which teams do you predict will win? Which teams do you hope will win?

(those two are totally different, you know)

leave your answer in the comments! 🙂 oh yeah…my answer:

Who do I predict will win? Brazil, I mean, look at how many times they won! Or Germany, but I think the odds are leaning more towards Brazil.

Which teams do I hope will win?

1. Brazil







4 thoughts on “FIFA update!

  1. Eloy Paris

    Given the way things are right now, either France or Germany will be making it to the semi-final as they are facing each other in the quarterfinals.

    Also, a Brazil-Argentina final is a possibility. That would be really great.

    Finally, Brazil has never won a World Cup on their soil so if they don’t win now then it’ll be a long time until they have another chance of doing so.

    I’m rooting for Brazil.

  2. ela, the princess

    ugg, right now i’m watching a game, Brazil is losing to Germany. If brazil loses, thy are out of the world cup!!!! This is NOT happening! 🙁 :'(

    1. Go Netherlands

      the netherlands is still in yay
      ela i know you know me you can guess.
      send me and email when you figure it out.
      i miss you and i want to see you
      i realy like your blog i should make one too
      (you know i have travled too)
      you are and awesome friend and i hope to see you soon
      keep on updating and have fun

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