So the reason I’m here, writing this blog at all, is that I’m in Abu Dhabi. And the reason for that is that my dad is working with the computers or whatever at the New York university here in Abu Dhabi. We finally got to visit, yay! Actually, that was four days ago, sorry about that. Anyway, it was really cool. At the university, they have a really big swimming pool, a little bit smaller than Olympic size, and I can tell you this, you can never tell how deep a pool actually is until you see it when it’s empty. The pool at NYU is really really really really really really deep. To me, it looked like it was 20 feet, but I wouldn’t know, I’m not good at judging distance.

So the reason that the name of this post is “Someday” is that someday- oh, never mind. You’re smart enough to figure it out yourself. I hope.


In the art building, I think.

Outside. Big. Beautiful.

Gotta go, see ya.


4 thoughts on “Someday…..

  1. Gabriel Linares

    Hi Ela, your blog is pretty nice. I like your photos with the family and all. Such a great experience living a couple months there, Ramadan? What a weird culture huh? Well Ela I will continue reading your blog. Kisses.

  2. Go Netherlands

    hi my friend i like that you have your blog
    how cool is it too be in a really really really really really really really deep pool.
    ps you mean someday you will go to a college like that?

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