Al Ain-Oman Border Run


Have I told you that Abu Dhabi is in a desert? And that it is one of the seven emirates of the UAE? Yeeeeaaaahhhh…….I don’t think so. And I don’t think I will. Wait, sorry, too late, oh well. Anyway, know what a border run is?

  • Need to renew Visa (every 30 days)
  • Go to nearest border line and cross it
  • Get Visa renewed (involves patiently waiting-not my thing)
  • Cross BACK over border

In our case, we went out of Abu Dhabi and into Oman. 2 hr trip. Desert. AWESOME! Our hotel is in Al Ain, on a mountain. Well, it’s more like a rocky formation with almost no plant life growing on it. And it’s tall. Feels like it’s really tall. And during the day it’s really really hot. So it’s as tall as a small mountain. When I first saw the…erm….small mountain in the car, I was all like, WHAT! Is this desert or the mountains? Apparently, desert. The car began the looooooooooooooong climb to the top. (hey, I think that’s a song by Imagine Dragons!!) The road was twisty and stuff. COOL!

kay, click to make bigger. As always. The red thing is Al-Ain, where I am, and Oman is down there somewhere. In black. We had to go from here, (al-Ain) to Oman. And this has been a pretty short post. Ha. But thats only because I’m writing more. CUZ I’M WATCHING THE FIFA WORLD CUP!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP! WAHOO! AWESOME!

and bye.

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