Where is nowhere? At the ends of the Earth? Is “nowhere” an undiscovered city, where people lurk in the shadows and make shady deals? Or maybe “nowhere” is just an empty place, that only exists when nobody is in it, or nobody can see it?

What comes to mind when someone says the term-“in the middle of nowhere”?

Do you imagine an empty dessert, with tumbleweeds drifting slowly, with the whistle of the wind moving everything along in the slow, lonely landscape? Do you imagine someone, nestled in a cave, next to a warm fire, somewhere in the middle of the Himalayas? Or do you imagine just a plain, empty landscape, everything draped in white, with absolutely nothing in it?

There isn’t really anything in particular that you should be seeing, I’m just curious of what comes to mind. What about the dictionary?- you say. Okay, I’ll look there.


[noh-hwair, -wair]



in or at no place; not anywhere: The missing pen was nowhere to be found.

to no place: We went nowhere last weekend.


the state of nonexistence or seeming nonexistence: A gang of thieves appeared from nowhere.

anonymity or obscurity: She came from nowhere to win the championship.

an unknown, remote, or nonexistent place or region.
The second part, when nowhere is shown as a noun, is mostly what I’m talking about. Number five in particular: an unknown, remote, or nonexistent place or region.

You’ve probably said the term-“in the middle of nowhere” before. Have you ever really thought of what you mean by that? I think, that when we say that, we’re really just talking about a place far away from civilization. A place that doesn’t have many people in it. A place that doesn’t matter, a place that serves no importance to the world. Maybe a place that everyone else overlooks. So does a place stop being “nowhere” when people move in to it, or when it gets put on a map? In my mind, probably everyone else’s, yes. It’s weird, isn’t it? Strange, in a cool sort of way. It’s amazing how things work like that.

And now you’re wondering if I’m just going to end this post now, or if I’m going to ever get to the actual travel part. Nah, I’ll edit this post later. Or I’ll just write another post. See ya- 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nowhere

  1. Mami

    I LOVE this post! It makes you think and re-think the meaning of words…but I want to know why you came to this “nowehere” idea. Was it something you recently lived? I want to see pictures of your nowhere 😉

  2. The Princess' Dad, a.k.a. The King

    Fantastic and very philosophical and thought-provoking post! It would seem to be that, philosophical thoughts aside, the author of the post has recently been (physically) to the middle of nowhere somewhere. If that is the case I do wonder what that place might be and if followers of this blog might be graced with additional details and pictures in a future post.

    Thank you for the mind-blowing post.

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